Skins are things that you use to make your character "personal". you can choose them, but only for Quick Match; In Campaign you have a set skin that you have to use, but in certain levels this set skin changes, due to some storyline modification.

Raze 1 Edit

In Raze 1, there were 20 skins; there were 2 ways to pick them:

  • Use the entire "preset", as they are called, which is a full character/default parts
  • Mix-and-Match Parts to reach a fully customized effect

All were free.

Raze 2 Edit

In Raze 2, there were 30 skins, and you could only pick default presets. You had to buy all of them, with the exception of the Raze Soldier Skin and the Covert Ops skin, probably because of their similarities; the Covert Ops skin is just a recolored version of the Raze Soldier.